Colored photograph of white cat sprawled on gray patterned linoleum floor. Text in pale pink font  says "An interview with ...Mr Bigglesworth".

We managed to obtain an exclusive interview with the feline star of Aaron David Yeoman’s Eleventh Hour Covenant prequel, Ambushed by History.

What were your impressions of Damascus, Mr Bigglesworth?

Hot, exotic. And now I have a taste for tuna in rosewater.

What was it like crossing that road with all those military vehicles bearing down on you?

Well, it looked more dangerous than it was. Camera, angles, vehicle velocities, etc – were all worked out. The scene was just fine.

The Russian major is a real tough guy in the story. What was he like to work with?

After Aaron David Yeoman told me he was just a pussycat, I had no problems.

What is Aaron David Yeoman like as an owner?

Cohabitant, if you please! Like me, he likes the night and knows how to give me a belly scratch just right.

Any problems in your happy home?

When he says, for the life of him, he can’t understand why I, as a pure white cat, wants to roll in the especially dark soil of our garden.

And what is your reply, Mr Bigglesworth?

I need a counterpoint to my good looks, like beauty spots in pre-revolutionary France. Why he can’t work it out, I just don’t know.