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My upcoming  Eleventh Hour Covenant  political thriller series.

♦ Eleventh Hour Covenant. (Eleventh Hour Covenant Thriller Series. Book 1)

  • in the final editing stage

In Eleventh Hour Covenant, Israel is threatened by one of its many enemies. The aggressor is determined to destroy the little nation and is not put off by Israel’s military prowess or even its nuclear deterrent. In the capitals of the combatant nations, hawks and doves vie for influence over the response of their respective armed forces.
Eleventh Hour Covenant - Eleventh Hour Covenant Thriller Series - Jerusalem - Aaron David Yeoman

One of the governments sees the survival of its population as the first priority; the other sees a great sacrifice as some kind of entrance to a new and better future. The men on the front line are bound by these decisions, made on their behalf.

Fighter pilot, Yitzhak Abrahams, is tormented by  the vacillations of his government about an enemy that needs to be neutralized now. Attempting to  balance his growing tension and  the demands of his girlfriend, Leah, for a more committed relationship, Yitzhak finds he is losing on both fronts.

Globe of the world with the Middle East to the top and a magnifying glass over Iran and surrounding countries

His uncle, Israeli Air Force general, Tuvia Alon, tries to steady his young subordinate with his depth of military experience and a glimpse into Israel’s secret advances in military technology. Both are surprised when circumstances quickly unfold into a dire threat that seems impossible to thwart.


♦>My Enemy’s Enemy. (Eleventh Hour Covenant Thriller Series . Book 2.)

  • planned and commenced

An elite United States Navy Seal team fly deep into hostile territory on a secret mission. Although they encounter a great problem , the mission is regarded as successful by everyone on the team,  except for one insightful and observant individual. When he voices a criticism, his brothers-in-arms quickly restrain him for his own protection. What he has observed is a cryptic clue to a secret that encompasses the very height of elite power in the global community.Colour photograph of two U.S. Navy SEALs in combat uniform carrying combat weapons.

The US armed forces are pleased with the performance of their men but they have unwittingly become pawns in an intrigue on a geopolitical scale. In secret cabals, borders of nation states are being erased and redrawn without the knowledge of their sovereign governments. Sworn enemies are persuaded to unite in political sleight of hand, not knowing that they too will share a similar fate to their victim.


My upcoming war novels

Tiergartenstrasse 4. A compilation of 6 short stories from World War II Nazi Germany.

  • to be completed shortly

Follow the lives of 6 individuals living in Nazi Germany at the height of Hitler’s power. Read about the corrosive effects of Nazi philosophy as it drags a once cultured people to the depths of barbarism. Witness those who, for the hope of advancement in the new order, quickly forget all that hundreds of years of Judaeo-Christian culture have taught them. Also hear about those individuals of high ethical regard who, in many and varied ways, attempted to slow, blunt and derail the deadly progression of the National Socialists.  dark colored photograph of abandoned sanatorium

 ♦The Third Reich. An Unpredictable Enemy.

  • planned and commenced

Nazi Germany was a unique situation in the annals of human history. Apart from the obvious brutality of the regime, the rivalry between the vested interests was not only contested but encouraged by the hierarchy. Competing spheres of influence such as the Wehrmacht and Schultz-Staffel were also mirrored in the areas of weapons technology and their actual manufacturing. Scientists representing their competing industrial firms raced to offer the regime the most cutting edge killing machines to reverse the Nazis’ steadily declining fortunes.War novels - Color photograph of Messerschmidt 262 jet- Aaron David Yeoman, author

At the top of the pyramid the Fuhrer played these rival groups against one another. On the one hand, he was always guarding against any technological knowledge somehow undermining his political power. On the other hand, he seemed to be trying to take the ‘it cannot be done’ factor out of the need to produce new wonder weapons to change the war’s direction. Because of these factors a superior advance in military science was quite possible and therefore a last minute fluke to snatch a victory out of defeat was often on the cards.


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