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Ambushed by History
, Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant is now available on


Hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter One

On the evening of the ninth of June, 1982, no-one in Israel was settling down for the night, not in Tel Aviv, nor Jerusalem, and especially not at Tel Nof Air Force Base.

For the men who had taken part in the stupendous victory, the sense of euphoria was palpable.

One hundred Syrian jets destroyed and almost all that nation’s missile defenses put out of action.

The pilots were still on standby in case Egypt or even Jordan attempted to intervene in defense of Pan-Arab pride, but the threat was deemed highly unlikely.

For Tuvia Alon, in his early twenties, it had yet to truly sink in. Apparently unable to heed their superiors’ directions to rest up, the victorious pilots laughed and joked, ate and drank, and, disturbingly, smoked themselves close to nicotine overdose.

“And for this one,” Tuvia heard in his left ear as a more forceful than polite hand made contact with his tired shoulder, “an ace. . . an ace in one day!”

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Some Reviews for Ambushed by History

  • Matt Smith (on Smashwords) says, “This book will keep you in the squad room waiting for your next target. Action packed with depth and lots of intrigue. I’m looking forward to his next.”
  • Susan ( on Facebook) says, “Absolutely loved Ambushed by History. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the next installment.
  • Mark (on Facebook) says, “Excited to see the full series.”


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