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Middle East paradox viewed through insightful political thrillers


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Welcome to the website of Aaron David Yeoman, author of political thriller novels and war novels.

If you are looking for some insights as well as  excitement in your reading,  you have come to the right place. I write political thrillers set in the volatile Middle East, and military fiction related to the Second World War.

The major conflicts of the twentieth century continue to influence the new millennium in the areas of lingering geopolitical alignments and being the template for modern warfare.Colored photograph of dark gray  jet fighter F-15 strike eagle ,as appears in Aaron David Yeoman's political thriller novels,flying above the clouds

The Middle East has been a growing focal point of international tension. These pressures also reflect and are interpreted and therefore intensified by the worldview of a number of major religions.

What you can expect in my political thriller novels.

I want to both ignite your passion for good political thriller novels and interpret the genuine facts behind the story. If, when you finally put down my novel , you will  have been moved by the drama but also more informed, then I would find my work as a writer extremely fulfilling.

The actual craft of storytelling is very important to me. For this reason I aim to make the works as accessible as possible, to both men and women, including, of course, the military enthusiast.

All good stories have their genuine source in humanity and human relationships. Though we are obviously dealing with life and death situations at times, I do not neglect this vital area.

Upcoming Novels

You can read more about my upcoming political thriller novels, the Eleventh Hour Covenant Thriller Series, on the page Books. There you will also find details about a number of war novels and a book of short stories on the theme of the Holocaust. For more information about my background and interests, go to the page About . For further understanding of my creative processes and the relevant investigative research,  go to the page, Blog There you will also find some fun posts related to my interests.

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Ambushed by History , prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant, is available now as a free ebook .

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