A Poem by Aaron Yeoman

Colored graphic on gray background with black and white photograph of turntable and poem on white background .Aaron Yeoman, Author

A Word of Explanation About Plinths

Traditional component record players or turntables had a plinth or bodywork which was either rectangular or square in shape. More recently, models have appeared with circular bases which are not much bigger than the record platter itself. I find these new minimal designs aesthetically displeasing. For example, Michell Engineering has the Orbe with a plinth and the Orbe SE without a plinth Sonically, there is good equipment in both camps, but the fact that Michell offers the choice within its range of models shows I am not the only one who demands a plinth.

What’s Next from Aaron Yeoman?

The free prequel to the Eleventh Hour Covenant Political Thriller Series is now available as an e-book in a variety of formats.

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Turntable Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash