Color photograph of the Bekaa Valley - a wide, arid valley with mountains in the distance.Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant

Israeli victory over the Bekaa Valley. Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant

In preparation for the prequel to Eleventh Hour CovenantAmbushed by History – I have revisited Israel’s stunning victory over the Bekaa Valley in 1982.

So devastating was this battle on the Soviet-supplied Syrian military, that they say the Soviet high command took it as a test case.

And, in this particular test, the politburo found that their tactics and weapons were portrayed to the world as highly inferior. To so great a degree, it is speculated, that this was the beginning of the end of the USSR.
Color photograph of Soviet surface to air missile on display with garden in background. Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant

Unique tactics and strategies of the IDF

Personally I do not believe that the defeat was so pivotal. Soviet finances were always an unknown quantity, and finances were the deciding factor.

However, I do not underestimate the shock in certain political quarters of such a stupendous military achievement.

For myself, it is in keeping with what I have always observed about the nation  of Israel. Is it possible to quantify the hand of destiny by the historical record of the nation? If it were so, it would be in the stories of the unique tactics and strategies of the Israeli Defense Force.

Color photograph of anti-radiation missile in the foreground and fighter jet in the background. Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant.

One step ahead

Recently Israel has declassified that the IDF has been using an anti-tank weapon that has no parallel in any other military force.

They have used an outdated tank that has a dummy gun and an enormous turret full of anti-tank missiles for years, to hit the enemy hard at long-range.

Why was no-one aware of this?
Did the enemy not take note at what range its tanks were destroyed?
Did the enemy not examine its destroyed tanks that they recovered from the battlefield?

Obviously not, but there is a price to pay for this lack of professionalism.

Color photograph of anti-radiation missile launcher. Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant.
Keres AGM-78 standard anti-radiation missile launcher

Indigenous ingenuity

In 1982 Israel achieved something just as remarkable in neutralizing the Syrian air defenses.

The Israelis developed their own ‘booster stage’ to their anti-radar missiles so that they could launch additional volleys of missiles from the ground.

This saw the Syrian air defenses overwhelmed. It allowed the Israeli Air Force a free hand to destroy the Syrian Air Force and then destroy the Syrian missile batteries.

Designing an indigenous ‘booster stage’ for high-tech American missiles is remarkable. The fact that they used them successfully is even more so.

There is a story here: Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant

Some have said  that the victory was so decisive that it has misled the world as to the potency of the modern generation of missile air defenses.

However, physical war is always fought in tandem with a propaganda war.

Could an air battle with ‘no’ losses have actually included one or two? Of course, the high command of today were the subordinates of yesterday which, in Israel, means, previous conflict.Colored ebook cover with orange background at top and silhouette of fighter pilot in plane. Orange capital letters "Ambushed by History" then lower case orange lettering, Eleventh Hour Covenant Prequel. At the base of the cover teal colored lettering "Aaron David Yeoman",

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