Can a writer be too creative?

Holocaust short stories image: Color photograph of railway line leading to extermination camp,which is in the distance.

Are you a more prolific writer if you are working on a number of projects at once or is it better to focus on just the one? I can’t really tell you because I’m rarely working on just one project. In fact, it is rather a  problem being too creative. I tend to get ideas for a project when all I really want to do is give my undivided attention to the project in hand. A case in point is my compilation of Holocaust short stories.

Does the imbalance in the world’s psyche demand more Holocaust short stories such as mine?

I believe that sometimes a composition is not just a serendipitous happening, but that imbalance in the world’s ‘psyche’ demands it. This book of Holocaust short stories has been on my mind for years, but the transition from a broad concept to a deep resolve to create it, is recent. Perhaps it is due to the claims of Israel’s enemies that they too experienced a ‘holocaust’, when in reality, they suffered for the aggression of their leaders. Perhaps it is due to the recent pseudo-scientific attempts to disprove thoroughly researched historical facts pertaining to the ‘final solution’.

Holocaust short stories image:black and white photograph of the entrance to the Birkenau extermination camp and part of the railway line leading up to it.

With references to the Nazi era now seemingly ‘available’ as a retort for any purpose, no matter how abstracted from the true context, perhaps it certainly is time. Time to see how deeply inappropriate such a lack of discernment really is. I think this work will shock. But I also believe that you will be better for the experience.

From a small spark a great conflagration can grow . Concrete and toxic political action can develop  from seemingly mere philosophical and scientific musings. Human beings often fail  to appreciate the destructive potential of a flawed concept. The individual, perhaps in a flight of enthusiasm  due to a vested  contemporary interest, blinds him or herself. In this way, he or she fails to recognize  the circular and burgeoning path that  perverted reasoning often takes.

Do we see any parallels to this in our modern day world?  I think perhaps we do and, by highlighting this shared failing, my Holocaust short stories will hopefully enlighten the reader  beyond the historical setting. As a younger man, I always felt there was a greater depth of wisdom to be discerned from such a tragic break in civilization. So with a deeper search for learning in mind, I look forward to presenting my contemplation in a fictional form.