Aaron David Yeoman

Revelations from Research

Israeli victory over the Bekaa Valley. Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant In preparation for my upcoming Prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant, which is entitled Ambushed by History, I have revisited Israel’s stunning victory over the Bekaa Valley in 1982. So devastating was this battle on the Soviet-supplied Syrian military,

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Growing Awareness through Oskar Groening?

After the results of the high profile Oskar Groening trial and appeal, it seemed even more pertinent to make big strides at the end of the year towards the completion of Tiergartenstrasse4 . It was especially so as these recent events in Germany have doubly convinced me of the need[…]

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What if the center of a world religion was destroyed?

Can you imagine the turmoil that would occur if the physical center of a world religion was destroyed? The main religious symbol or the historical or geographic location of a global faith, wiped off the contemporary map? We have wars between nations for various reasons and they are more often[…]

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