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Middle East paradox viewed through insightful political thrillers


A colored photograph of F15 fighter silhouetted by rising sun  author  Aaron Yeoman

Aaron Yeoman, Author of Ambushed by History

Aaron Yeoman is the author of Ambushed by History, the prequel to Eleventh Hour Covenant , book 1 of his political thriller series. He is also writing war novels and has completed a compilation of Holocaust historical fiction short stories. His talent for story writing was noticed at an early age (see also Eleventh Hour Covenant : an editing challenge). In his spare time, he dreams up screenplays about the Second World War.


Aaron was born into a family of military veterans and immersed from childhood  (for better or worse) in all things related to historical and modern warfare. He was taught to respect the self-sacrifice of serving men and women and the need for standing armies. He became convinced that there is often a moral obligation to wage war even though there may be less than pure motives behind the scenes. As a youth, Aaron enjoyed war gaming and experienced ’empty pockets’ during a plastic model kit arms race!

Color photograph of dark grey model Tiger tank going over some stones Aaron David Yeoman Author

As a youth, Aaron also read voraciously about all aspects of warfare on land, air and sea. Later, he developed a keen interest in world politics, especially the Middle East. He believes this region holds the key for the likely future of the planet. This interest in the Middle East and geopolitical matters has led to intensive study over many years. He has contributed to a number of geopolitical publications and accurately predicted Israel’s 2006 war in Lebanon.


Aaron’s interests include motor sports, especially motorcycling, classical music and sound reproduction. He admires good design in all its forms.

Color photo of motorcycle rider with knee down on Cagiva GP motorcycle. Aaron Yeoman author
Aaron was present at the 1994 Australian Motor Cycle Grand Prix where Cagiva won its greatest victory after  a 10 year one-sided battle against the might of  the Japanese motor cycle industry.




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