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As you may already know, I am a writer of  Middle East political thrillers . For the past 100 years this region of the world has refused to be ignored, apparently influencing the world way beyond its geographical remoteness. The more I study the Middle East, the more it yields scope to my fertile imagination.

A ‘journey’ with authors of 10 Midde East political thrillers

So join me as we explore the volatile Middle East with other writers of Middle East political thrillers – individuals who have journeyed there ahead of us on the wings of imagination.

Soon I will introduce you to our tour guides : certain authors, most of them contemporary,  who have written novels set in one or more of these intriguing  places. So, on such wings of imagination, we’ll be visiting places such as Egypt, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Preparing for our journey

Got your bags packed, I hope.

All you need is curiosity, imagination and some undisturbed spare time.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

What about a passport?

Probably not needed for a magic carpet ride.

Quote graphic about a well-composed book being a magic carpet. Middle East political thrillers.

But now that you mention it, you might want to spend quality time in some of those places in the Middle East. In that case,  make sure you have the free Kindle app for PC on your computer or device or your own e-reader charged up. Alternatively, you could download an online Adobe Digital Editions reader onto your PC.

What will we do for tickets, you ask?

Well, I will provide the links to a good number of Middle East political thrillers.

Ready? Then let’s go!

1. First port of call, Iran.

Our guide : Joel C. Rosenberg

The Persian Gamble 

Colored Image of book cover of 'The Persian Gamble' by Joel Rosenberg. Badkground in various shades of blue with star in top left and large weapon with missiles inforeground and 2 small silhouetted figures. Middle East political thrillers.

Book 2 of 3 in the Marcus Ryker Series

The instant New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publishers Weekly bestseller!

In the sequel  to the New York Times bestselling Kremlin Conspiracy, Rosenberg ‘s political thriller traces an  appalling nuclear alliance between  three world powers―Russia, Iran, and North Korea―and the dangerous  mission former US Secret Service Agent Marcus Ryker must risk to halt their lethal  tactics.

Joel C. Rosenberg continues to mix his unique blend of prophetic fiction and nonstop action unlike anyone else working today.” —The Real Book Spy on The Persian Gamble.

“The plot is intriguing. The pace just keeps accelerating. A must read!” —Porter Goss, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency on The Persian Gamble.

2. Now we move on to  Turkey,

There our guide will be Rik Stone.

The Turkish Connection

Colored image of book cover of 'The Turkish Connection' by Rik Stone. Cloudy sky and Middle Eastern style buildings in background. Large dark archway with large figure of armed man in shadows. Middle East political thrillers.

Here, in Istanbul in 1951, we meet an orphan, Mehmet, who has been kidnapped and forced to rob souks and marketplaces. He thinks life can’t get much worse until…

they want him dead. Pursued by gangsters and corrupt policemen, what are his chances of survival?

International bestselling author Rik Stone brings you an “unstoppable, action packed suspense thriller that’s impossible to put down.”

If you think you might be a reluctant traveler to certain countries in the Middle East,

Hear what one Amazon reviewer had to say:

“I was uncertain starting this book because of the setting. I’ve never been further east than West Germany and Istanbul is a place I can’t personally identify with. But Stone does such a good job of personalizing his protagonist that I quickly invested in the story…”

Guy Wheatley

3. Our next destination is Jerusalem, Israel, follwed by Egypt,

where our guide will be Laurence O’Bryan, author of The Jerusalem Puzzle

Colored image of book cover for 'the jerusalem PUZZLE' by Laurence O'Bryan. Pale Blue background. with the title in gold script inside a large circle. Illustration of Jerusalem with the gold Dome of the Rock. Middle East political thrillers.

An archaic manuscript and a secret that could change the world.

Archaeologist found dead in Jerusalem’s Muslim quarter.

A translator of an ancient script goes missing in the same city.

Aided by his girlfriend, Isabel, Sean Ryan is about to solve the mystery of his colleague Max’s death and Susan’s disappearance. However, during their exploration of the ancient, troubled city, they soon find themselves embroiled in a life-threatening game of fire.

“A taut thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown and Robert Harris.”

A Review of Jerusalem Puzzle

5.0 out of 5 stars UNPUTDOWNABLE!! A MUST READ!!

The Jeruslem Puzzle is very much a stand alone book. Mr. O’Bryan’s main character, Sean Ryan, remains a well drafted hero and his girlfriend, Isabel Sharp, is a superbly defined counterpart. I love the author’s intense descriptions of all the Holy Places… Mr. O’Bryan has captured the very essence of the Holy City, where the tangled web of Religious Beliefs literally thickens the air.”

Amazon Reviewer, Mary Firmin

4. Next we shall journey to Dohar, in Qatar, to Tehran in Iran and to Salwa City in Saudi Arabia,

with our tour guide, John Wayne Falbey, author of The Dogs of War.

Colored image of book cover of 'The Dogs of War' red and yellow background. with dark reddish brown map of Middel East and silhouettes of military figures in foreground. Middle East political thrillers.


They’re here. In America. Thousands of Islamic terrorists committed to a rabid jihad, threatening Western civilization with annihilation. The Chinese are funding the jihadists behind the scenes and are poised to become the dominant force on the global scene. The Russian president is “tightening his grip on Europe and the Middle East.”

Can the shadow government deal with the increasing global spread of cyberwarfare? Can Brendan Wheeler reunite the hunter-killer teams, the Sleeping Dogs, in time?

One Kindle customer says,

“A interesting set of characters, a modern plot set against a current political setting gives the reader a fast paced action thriller.”

5. Now we travel from continent to continent, taking in Pakistan, Russia and a number of countries you’d expect to find in Middle East Political Thrillers

Our tour guide for this adventure will be Kyle Mills, author of Order to Kill

Colored image of book cover of "Order To Kill" by Kyle Mills. Dark blue background. Map of Middle East and Africa in gray. with one area highlighted in red. Middle East political thrillers.

Mitch Rapp is used to winning.

But now “the CIA operative finds himself chasing false leads in an effort to keep Pakistani nukes from falling into the hands of terrorists.”

When it becomes clear that forces in Moscow are bent on inciting chaos in the Middle East, Rapp must go deep into enemy controlled Iraqi territory, posing as an ISIS recruit

There he uncovers a plan much more dangerous than he ever could have imagined—one that, if not thwarted, will have catastrophic global consequences.

A Goodreads reviewer offers a challenge to serious readers of Middle East political thrillers

Everyone who claims to enjoy thrillers should read this book. In fact, I dare you to read this book. If you don’t absolutely love it, it’s time for you to try another genre.

The Real Book Spy

6. I hope you’re looking forward to visiting the next destination, Kuwait.

with our guide , Puja Guha, author of Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction

Colored image of book cover of 'Ahriman. The Spirit of Destruction. by Puja Guha. Bright blue background with pink and gray minarets and sihouette of armed female figure in foreground. Middle East political thrillers.

Read what happens when  former CIA field agent, Petra Shirazi, is drawn back into the world of international espionage.

…a money trail … a huge, new wave of terrorist attacks… an “assassination plot that implicates the highest levels of the Kuwaiti and Iranian governments.” And a confrontation with “one of Iran’s deadliest assassins.”

The consequences of this investigation are immense, not only for the Middle East and its allies in the West, but also for the protagonist, Petra, as dark secrets from her past are brought to light.

This is the type of read that is perfect for any kind of thriller fans out there who love a story that has a strong militaristic & political conspiracy theme, with a fast-paced vivid writing style to match, that expresses each scene in an immersive and captivating manner.

Amazon Reviewer, Lucidity

7. Let’s travel again to Israel, a pivotal country in many Middle East political thrillers, including my upcoming Eleventh Hour Covenant.

with our guide, Naomi Litvin, author of The Masada Faktor

Colored image of book cover of 'The Masada Faktor' by Naomi Litvin. Illustration with dark background. Main figure with sword raised above another figure with head bowed. Middle East political thrillers.

This novel is set in Israel in 2014, both prior and during the Gaza War. Natasha Bernard migrates to Israel in the hope of solving a mystery which her mother had revealed to her daughter on her deathbed. This relates to a plot hatched seventy years after World War II, but devised by Adolf Hitler. The Masada Faktor aimed to destroy the Jewish people, in imitation of the disastrous siege of Masada by the Romans, which had begun in 70 AD.

Action packed and full of suspense. There’s danger around every corner. Where will it come from next? Tight and thrilling it was a hard to put down read. It has its sultry and exotic moments as well. You will love this story. I’m not giving away any details. If you want details, you’ll have to read the book. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy every page.

MT Bostick

5.0 out of 5 stars Hard To Put Down

8. It’s time to return now to Saudi Arabia

Our next guide, James Lawrence, takes us to Riyadh, and also to Homs in Syria via his book, The Arabian Collusion.

Colored image of book cover of "Arabian Collusion" by James Lawrence. Dark brown, orange and yellow tones. Single figure of man in overcoat walking up steps to Middle Eastern building. Middle East political thrillers.

Pat Walsh and his team of mercenaries backed by the CIA face “their most formidable adversary yet” as they race against the clock to solve a mystery and thereby prevent anarchy from overtaking the region. You can expect to encounter political intrigue along with the “latest military gadgets and adrenalin pumping action.

Fun Read

If you’re a fan of a Robert Ludlum style book, maybe without the panache or elegance of Ludlum, but still long for the action and exotic locations then this is a read you’ll enjoy.

Larry Loveday rated it 5 stars on Goodreads.

James Lawrence writes well and develops an exciting plot geared to current international events which he shows himself quite capable of portraying. The protagonist, Pat Walsh, appeals to an audience who relates to his independence and wry humor. Pat Walsh also is appealing in his ability to bounce back and up after negative personal events.

Linda Schmidt-

5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting and exciting!

9. After revisiting Turkey, we will also spend time in Lebanon and Gaza,

with our next guide, Gary Haynes, author of State of Attack.

In this standalone second novel in his Tom Dupree series, Haynes takes us across four continents, but most of the action in State of Attack takes place in the turbulent and volatile Middle East. Special Agent Tom Dupree is assigned the dangerous task of tracking down the Sword of Allah, a jihadist who otherwise goes by the name of Ibrahim. Coming ever closer to his target, Dupree finds there are few people he can trust as the momentum builds in this deadly race to apprehend the Sword of Allah.

One reader says of this book,

Gary Haynes has the uncanny ability to take the reader right into the story as one of the characters. He has his thumb on the pulse of the Middle East situation.

Paula Howard rated it 5 stars on Goodreads

10. Our final journey takes us to Afghanistan

with tour guide, Andrew Turpin, author of The Afghan

This espionage thriller set in 1988 introduces the reader to the protagonist of the entire Joe Johnson series. Simultaneously, the book provides vital background material for book four in the series, Stalin’s Final Sting.
In this full-length prequel, The Afghan, Joe Johnson’s boss in the CIA assigns to him the formidable task of capturing a Soviet helicopter and networking with the mujahideen.

But he soon comes under fire from a sinister KGB rival. However, it is not just the Soviets against him; he suspects there is “a traitor on his own side.” Help comes from unexpected quarters : “a female colleague from Britain’s M16.” Under pressure from both CIA top brass and from Washington D.C. politicians, Joe becomes involved in a “life-or-death shoutout in Jalalabad.”

Andrew Turpin has turned out another masterful piece of work with this book. … it is a rich, dark and brilliantly-written story. I love the historical depth, the ties to factual information, and the way the reader is skillfully kept in the dark for a good portion of the narrative.

Bethany Cousins rated it 5 stars on Goodreads

Where to next?

Thank you for joining me on this whirlwind tour of the Middle East.

What Middle East political thrillers would you recommend? Do you have a favorite?

You can find out more about the Middle East political thriller which I have written (still being edited) here or here. In the sidebar there is a direct link to download the free prequel of this series, Ambushed by History.

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